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Ignoring Mental Illness

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Vision – Enriching Mental Health Ameliorate Quality of Life.

Counseling Helpline

N. Subramanian., M. Phil (Psy. Con)., M. S. W ( M & Psy)., D. Coun Psy., M. Sc (Psy) ., D. HM.
Psycho – Socio Consultant

DR. ILAMARAN., M. B. B. S., M. D (Psy).,
மனநல மருத்துவர்


Muthra trust for Psycho-Socio Assessment and Counselling is a registered non-profit, non-governmental, and secular organization in Pudhukottai established in 2021. Muthra Trust, situated in No: 11, 841, Mass Complex, opposite Central Bank of India, Keela Raja Street, Brindavanam, Pudhukottai (622001). As a founder of Muthra Trust, N. Subramanian M.Phil(CSW)., MSW (M&Psy) D.Coun.Psy., M.Sc(Psy)., D.HM. was a qualified professional with fourteen years of experience in the field of Psychiatry.

Muthra Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre has developed intending to facilitate the Psycho-Social needs of people with mental disabilities.

Muthra Trust, Pudhukottai, aimed to provide individualized Psycho-social services that improve individuals’ mental stability. Our services promote good mental health awareness to the general public and include free treatment for poor patients. Muthra Trust, Pudhukottai, is a residential psychiatric rehabilitation centre primarily established for psycho-social services for individuals suffering from poor mental health.

We provide counselling for males and females, old age people, students counselling, family counselling, and couple counselling. Muthra Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre would offer services for people irrespective of age.

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Study Skills Council for Students

Suicidal ideation


Mental illness can be cured by getting married

Lack of Interest


Decreased Focus

Uncontrollable Happiness

Hand Trembling & Unneccessary Fear

Alcoholic Addition

Oldage Care

Oldage Care

Home Care



Uncontrollable Anger


Being With Isolation anxiety

Excessive Suspicion

Incomprehensible Fear

Speaking Alone Illness


Muthra Mananala Marudhuvam
No: 52, N G O Colony, (Pragathambal School Back side), Pudukkottai.